Thursday, 6 October 2011

Apple. Bitten.

He was a seed. A seed unlike others, full of genius, ideas and vision. An Apple seed. On the ground when he started, he sowed himself, immersed himself and slowly became the Apple.

The Apple grew as it would, but destiny had other plans for him. There came the drought, and the winds of change. For better or worse, but change all the same. The seed was knocked off his rightful place.

Being the toughie that he was, you shouldn't be thinking that he remained down. He sowed himself, immersed himself, challenged the winds and became a whole new Apple. An Apple, bigger and better.

But again destiny had other plans for him. Maybe Heaven too needed such seeds. Though the Apple lies now, bitten, that one seed has inspired innumerable others around the world. You may soon see Apple farms all around... not because they are his babies, but because they hold him in their hearts. I bid farewell to that one seed, Steve Jobs... Rest in peace, for your legacy lives on!

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