Monday, 20 June 2011

What it is not

Hellboy's true name was Anung Un Rama. Eragon's sword's true name is Brisingr. And the true name of a water-bottle is... well, WATER-BOTTLE ! But we don't call it that...we call it Bisleri ! Not that calling it with its 'true name' will 'unleash it's power', but still, we gotta mould our tongues.
With some effort, I've put together a list of our most common jumble-ups, some unsynonyms which you cannot simply pin on our Indian lingo!

Which are obviously not, but you end up equating them anyway:
Sports & Cricket (a lot of people will curse me for this, but this is what happens)
Foreign countries & western countries (the common Indian thinking)

Which you know are not, but you equate them anyway:
Notebook, textbook & long book
Suit, coat & a blazer ( HIMYM fans will love this!)
CD & DVD (Yawnnn!)
Pant, trouser & jeans
Wallet, purse & pouch (ask the guys! they hate when you call a wallet a purse or a pouch!)
Raincoat, blazer & jerkin (you dare not use a jerkin as a raincoat!)
Shirt and t-shirt

Which are actually brands, and you equate it whether you know it or not:

Casio, keyboard & piano (I've been screaming hoarse on this one since long!)
Water-bottle & Bisleri
Xerox & photocopy ( hope you aren't surprised !)
Cadbury, chocolate & toffees ( and not now either!)
Milkybar and milk chocolate & white chocolate ( I didn't know the last one until recently either!)
PC, desktop & laptop

Which you don't know, and so you equate them:
Curd & yoghurt ( dahi is yoghurt and paneer is a type of curd!)
Ketchup & sauce (now that's a spicy one!)
Racquet & bat (out of words!)

And some are plain ridiculous!!! :
Pokemon and pokemAn (you don't know how common that is!)
Cartoon and carton ( it would be boring to watch a carton now, won't it?)
Kelvin & degree-kelvin (TDEE= that doesn't even exist!!!)

P.S. most probably you have googled some of things I mentioned, and after you have read the whole post, I am getting immense satisfaction to remind you that I had a google search bar right below my blog title! Sure u missed it ! >:)