Monday, 16 May 2011

Top Five

Taking a cue from the 'Top Five' column appearing in Mumbai Mirror, I thought about writing one myself. But since I am very excited about the new Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, I thought about writing Top Five with a filmy twist!

Hot and latest leaked facts about the upcoming Hollywood copies in Bollywood:

  1. Raja, Raju, Kalmadi, Hasan Ali (and a LOT of others) are going to do the leads in all films of the series 'Pirates of the Arabian'.
  2. A scene showing Obama declaring 'War against terror' is to be used in the film 'Curse of the Black Bald Pearl'.
  3. Osama's treasure trove of hard drives features as the real chest in the film 'Dead Man's Chest'.
  4. 'The Stranger Sides' is going to be based on Pak and China who are increasingly being stranger and untrustworthy.
  5. A film on the common man is aptly going to be titled 'At Wit's End'.