Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Remain Unworthy

What will I ever truly learn
If all goes right, all goes well
Everything working like a clockwork bell?
None of the values for which I yearn!

Look at the teachers, not just mine
Some don't know, some can't teach
Working actually to make institutions rich
Independence, I learnt from ways thine!

In offices, counters and windows some,
Where, frankly, you are not welcome
Takes hard work just to make the guy look
Tremendous patience, I was taught, was all it took

The oft-caught-scamming political herd
Sells paise for lakhs, and crores for free
Makes money by methods yet unheard
True entrepreneurship, I saw in thee!

Remain unworthy, Oh sons of the Divine
Or else, how would you teach these morals
to my kids and thine? 


  1. hey anish....nice post...keep blogging..

  2. keep up the good work buddie!
    i even like the font style!

  3. NICE ONE DUDE !!! :D :D.. sorry thoda late read kiya

  4. Thnx Aditya! arre doesn't matter, read kiya na, bas!