Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Remain Unworthy

What will I ever truly learn
If all goes right, all goes well
Everything working like a clockwork bell?
None of the values for which I yearn!

Look at the teachers, not just mine
Some don't know, some can't teach
Working actually to make institutions rich
Independence, I learnt from ways thine!

In offices, counters and windows some,
Where, frankly, you are not welcome
Takes hard work just to make the guy look
Tremendous patience, I was taught, was all it took

The oft-caught-scamming political herd
Sells paise for lakhs, and crores for free
Makes money by methods yet unheard
True entrepreneurship, I saw in thee!

Remain unworthy, Oh sons of the Divine
Or else, how would you teach these morals
to my kids and thine?