Friday, 6 May 2011

'K' The story (sorry... I had to start with 'k' ! )

(Long stupid music)...
The story starts with the portrayal of an influential but estranged couple... Amrika and Rasika (aka. Russika). Both of them hated each other, but did not officially file for divorce. Suddenly the story shifts to some big hunk called Afghanika. All was going well till Rasika claimed that he was her naajayaj aulaad. Amrika didn't like this. Being a hunk that he was, he had a lot of lovers... one of them being a certain Osaka, son of Arabika. Osaka married Afghanika. As always, the bahu started having a raaj in the house and eventually, with the support of Amrika, drove out Rasika.

Twist in the tale...

Osaka didn't like Amrika either. So when Momma Arabika started having flings with Amrika, she became the haddi in the kebab. So Momma Amrika banished her from the family. Osaka then began flirting with a guy named Sudanika. But the affair got sour and she finally came back to Afghanika.

Back to square one!

The angry girl that she was, she began meddling with everyone, including Amrika. She even slapped him once and ran away. Pappaji was not amused... so he started hunting for her...CID style. The hunt lasted for 10 years (minimum duration of a 'K' story!).

Finally, now Amrika claims Osaka's dead but he has no proof. And as always, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the incident, if it did happen, that is! No one knows the truth except Ekta (that's a Marathi word!) Amrika.

Who knows, probably the secrets will be revealed in the next season of the serial... or maybe Osaka will come back from the dead with a plastic surgery! Keep watching!!!


  1. :D OOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhh! Killer post! Too good! :)

  2. On reading my post again, I realised that I did make a couple of mistakes actually! Please Ignore!