Saturday, 10 December 2011

Aryabhatta and the Zero!

Since quite a while, I've been receiving an sms on why Aryabhatta actually invented the number zero. Supposedly that's because he'd been checking answer-sheets! But that couldn't be the only reason now, could it? I tell you, he time-travelled and came to today's age. He found some interesting questions that couldn't be answered without a zero. So he went back in time, and did what he did! Wanna know why he actually invented zero? Read on.

1)  He saw someone trying to count the number of hair on Vinod Kambli's head !

2) So that they could keep Santa Singh's brain on display in the museum. You see, they couldn't measure it's weight!

3)  So that you could tell the exact number of Ekta Kapoor's daily soaps that weren't stupid and irritating!

4) So that both the BMC and TMC could promise to have zero potholes every year!

5) Because the number of things that Rajini Can't was not zero!

6) So that you could name the exact number of movies in which Fardeen Khan actually tried to act !

7) So that Anu Malik and Pritam could confidently say that the number of their compositions which are blatant rip-offs are zero !

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